Lesson 5 – Line Of Action, Silhouettes

I just ordered the book John recommends (animation 1 by Preston Blair) and I have been looking through it.

It seems cool, there are a lot of good examples of animation.  I am glad that the original book is posted online though since it is cool to draw characters you know (the one you can order has generic characters Blair created for the book while the online original book has a bunch of the MGM characters).

A lot of the books technical stuff I don’t really understand yet but I am hoping that John’s course will help me figure it out.

I have been working on my drawings and this lesson took me the longest so far I think.

Here’s the link for the lesson: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.ca/2006/05/animation-school-lesson-5-line-of.html

In this lesson we worked on line of action.  I have heard about it and even tried to use it before on my own drawings but admittedly I didn’t really fully understand it.  I think I understand it more after copying the examples in the lesson.

There was a lot to draw this lesson.

Also I did a search for Milt Khal on youtube after seeing one of his drawings somewhere on John’s blog.  Wow!  Check out this youtube video of an animation sequence he did for 101 dalmations.  It is amazing!  I can actually hear the character saying “Seven thirty!?”

Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQnPQ6QBHLE

Here are my drawings:

Line of action:

Correcting line of action drawings:

Disney drawings:

I struggled with getting the faces right in the Disney drawings.  Particularly the eye positioning for Wart.

Bob Clampett drawings:

Now onto part B of the lesson- hands.



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