Lesson 5a – Hands

This lesson in John K’s animation course centred on drawing cartoon hands.

The lesson can be found here: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.ca/2006/06/animation-school-lesson-hands.html

I was kind of upset that I did not get the placement right in the copy of the Bob Clampett picture I posted last time so I decided to do it again before doing the hands.  I was just trying to get the proper placement here- I didn’t get it perfect but it turned out much better than before (the size of the heads of the cats were messed up).  I still need to redo the Wart drawing- (there is something wrong in my drawing around his eyes I think) and the other Clampett picture but I decided to move on to hands to keep motivated for now.  I’ll come back to these later I think.

Here is the redo of the first Clampett picture:

Here are the drawings of hands:

I started reading Chuck Jones’ auto biography.  It’s funny and inspiring because it shows how persistence pays off- it took him a while to develop his skills but he did it!

Now on to the next lesson,



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