Lesson 9: Model sheets * Fluid Poses

Here are another set from lesson 9.  This time the focus is on fluid poses.

Towards the end I was experimenting by holding the pencil in a different way to not go into pressing down so hard at first.  It was working for me, things felt more fluid that way.

I also got a kneaded eraser.  I never really liked kneaded erasers but at least there are no crumbs to clean up.   Also with it I can wipe the whole drawing and retain some faint lines to build back up on after.  Preston Blair mentions doing that it in his book.

Also, I was looking at some other people’s blogs who John has referenced on his site.  They are great:

Geneva : http://unlearningartschool.blogspot.ca/

Rex: http://www.rex-h.blogspot.ca/

Mitch: http://mitchoo.blogspot.ca/

Here is John’s lesson link:


Here are my drawings for this lesson:



Lesson 7- Combining Construction With Clear Silhouettes

Here is the lesson: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.ca/2006/06/animation-school-7-when-generic-is.html
In this lesson we learned that it is important to not only use construction but to also include the idea of the silhouette into our drawings for clarity.  That is, we should be able to figure out what the character is doing if it were a silhouette.

I struggled with the placement of the limbs in two of the poses wondering where best to place them.  Ultimately I thought back to the line of action lesson and based the placement on that.

I think the poses in the examples John K put up by Geneva are perhaps a little more daring than my own.  They are really good and show a fair bit of squash and stretch which would ultimately make for good animation I think.

I think I will work on this and try and get more action happening in my poses.

Anyway here are my drawings:

Now on to the next lesson!


Lesson 6 – When Generic is a Good Thing

John K recommends learning how to draw cartoons that are generic rather than those with a particular style.

In this lesson the emphasis was on studying generic characters so we can key principles we have been learning without the distraction of style.

You can go to the lesson here: http://johnkstuff.blogspot.ca/2006/06/animation-school-7-when-generic-is.html

Here are the drawings I did for this lesson: